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Aadhaar Card linked with Multiple Mobile Numbers: Delete the Unused Ones

Do you have your Aadhaar Card linked to multiple mobile numbers that you no longer use? If yes, then let us see what you can do with such numbers.

As we all know, every Aadhar Card is supposed to be linked with at least one mobile number. However, many people link multiple mobile numbers with their Aadhaar Card depending on their needs and conditions.

Keeping in mind such exceptional situations where people might have to rely on more than one mobile number, The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has ensured to create a separate guideline to help its users with that. The guideline states that every Aadhaar Card holder can link up to nine mobile numbers to one Aadhaar depending on his or her need.

If you have multiple mobile numbers linked to your Aadhaar Card and you have lost track of it, then you must know that DoT has a solution for this problem too. It has created an online portal where people can check the mobile numbers linked to their Aadhaar Cards.

However, the only limitation is that this facility is available to a limited group of people. You can avail this facility only if you are a citizen of either Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Rajasthan, Telangana, or Jammu & Kashmir.

How to unlink/delete your mobile number with your Aadhaar Card?

If you wish to unlink or delete one of your mobile numbers linked to your Aadhaar Card, then the following are some ways to do it:

  • Contact the customer care service of your telecom provider and take their help on the matter.
  • You can also visit the nearest store of your telecom provider and submit an application there.

The process of unlinking your mobile number with your Aadhaar Card will be completed within 48 hours of your application filing.

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