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Absurd Dating Rules From the Black & White Era of the 30s

Did you know about the most absurd dating rules from the 30s?

Recently, I was going through a content piece and realised how absurd these rules from the 30s were. However, they kept me thinking if these were humiliatingly sexist towards women or if they were treated better by men.

Absurd Dating Rules From the Black & White Era of the 30s

Read these rules and give your opinion in the comment section given below. Also, most of these rules are set in a restaurant because that is where most people go for a date.

  • The man always orders and he could be your father, brother or boyfriend but a woman can never place an order or ask the waiter for anything.
  • No one drops a knife. If a woman drops a knife, she can not pick it up but ask her fellow man to ask the waiter for a fresh one.
  • People should not order fruits on the date as it is considered embarrassing.
  • It is advised not to order fish as it is difficult to manage with elegance.
  • Every food requires an entirely different manner of eating which you are supposed to know.
  • Women are supposed to wipe lipstick marks from their glasses.
  • People should not use the spare chair at the table. The coat shall go on the back of your chair and rest on your lap.
  • If you spill on the table, ask the man to ask the waiter to clean it.
  • If a waiter spills something on you, be polite and do not be disrespectful.
  • Tip your soup away from you as the other way around is bad manners.
  • Scoop your soup away from you as scooping towards you is again a bad manner.
  • Never eat your cheese with a fork but put a small portion on your bread.
  • Elbows should always stay off the tabletop.
  • A woman should always leave the restaurant before the man.
  • She should avoid talking about sensitive topics in public.
  • A woman should never use the rearview mirror for makeup.
  • A lady should never pick an awkward position to sit with her man.
  • No one should look bored as it is disrespectful to the other person.
  • Make sure to fix your make-up and dress in your boudoir.
  • Keep all your attention on your partner and do not give it to anyone else even for a single second.
  • The customs state that the girls are supposed to introduce their dates to their parents before going out with them.
  • Guys were supposed to wear a watch on their first date as they were responsible for bringing the daughter back to her parents on time.
  • Women were advised not to talk about clothes but the things that would interest a man.
  • Women are not supposed to talk while dancing.
  • Women should not talk about themselves as men would like intelligent listeners who can hear about them.
  • There should be no public display of affection as men hate being touched.
  • Women are not supposed to call a guy during business hours as it is considered as jeopardising the job.
  • Women are supposed to go after men only after they hit 30.
  • A woman should not drink too much on her first date.
  • A man is always supposed to pay as it would be humiliating if a woman tries to do it.


In this article, we discussed the most absurd dating rules ever created in the 30s. Make sure to leave your valuable feedback in the comment section below so that we can discuss how stupid these rules were or is it our mindset that is absurd?

Also, share this article with people around you who would love to read these fun dating rules.

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