Amazon Is Selling A Gaumutra Sanitizer But It Won’t Protect You From Coronavirus Germs, Here’s Why

If you have been hanging around with us for a while, you might be aware of a story we did wherein we revealed soaps, eye drops and Room Fresheners made of gaumutra being sold at Pryagraj Mela. And looks like someone has taken inspiration from the same and started their own brand selling the ‘vegan’ product.

Amazon is selling a hand sanitizer, which is made of gaumutra and is something you might want to use as the coronavirus outbreak surges.

The brand named Cowpathy sells the product, which carries a description that goes, “Distilled Cow Urine, obtained from Indigenous cows is gelled with aromatic essential oil and Ganga jal to make antiseptic Cowpathy Alcohol free Hand Sanitizer.”

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However, if you are wondering if the ‘naturalness’ of the product will help you keep coronavirus at bay, then you can’t be more wrong.

Alcohol Kidhar Hai?

The science behind sanitizers is explained in a study that claims that a sanitizer must have at least 60% alcohol to kill the microbes residing in your hands. So if there’s no alcohol in a sanitizer, it’s kinda waste. And so is this gaumutra sanitizer.

Another report by ProPublica states how amid coronavirus panic and stores inefficiency to meet the sanitizer demand, people are actually buying wrong sanitizers. The alcohol-free sanitizers will only kill germs and not save your from the coronavirus spreading germs.

Source – Quartz

Still, if wanting to try this Gaumutra handwash, it comes in two flavours – lemon and orange. Also, it doesn’t smell. At least that is what the description claim.

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The company has been selling the product since 2018 on Amazon, however, the same got recognition recently.

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