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Andhra Lady Prepares 67 Dishes For Her Son-In-Law And We Ask Esi Sasu-mom Kaha Milegi?

Family gatherings are fun and surely overloaded with authentic meals if your mom is the host. While you might have been in some of the most fun family get-togethers, but the one here is can make you forget all of those.

A lady from Andhra Pradesh recently cooked as many as 67 dishes for her visiting son-in-law and I’m already salivating. Well, now if you are thinking how one can eat all that in one go, then you must watch this video and rethink your question.

The serve has a little of everything and looks so delicious that one would eat more than he can. Damm!! the lucky son in law.

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As the video continues, the lady goes on to explain each dish and trust me, though I haven’t heard about many of them, I wouldn’t think twice before feasting on them. And also, their placement on banana leaves makes them more fun to have. She also details about a number of pickles and pachadis to accompany the meal, and several sweets to finish it off.

mother cooks 67 meals

As the netizens’ eyes fell on the serving, they couldn’t stop talking about it. The chatter around the delicious Andhra thali began with reactions pouring from various users. Have a look:

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Feeling hungry? Cause same.

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