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Anything To Defame BJP: NDTV Runs Fake News Claiming ‘Hindu Mob Attacked Tanishq Showroom’ In Gujarat

Media channels are known for taking ‘sides’ of political parties, agendas and more and NDTV is no exception. Known for posting selective stories (like anti-BJP stories or one where Muslim ordeal is highlighted or especially any negative news from BJP-governed states) NDTV did it again on Wednesday.

NDTV, making the best out of the current Tanshiq Ad controversy, this morning ran a story claiming that the Tanishq store in Gandhidham in Kutch (that yesterday posted an apology for anyone whose sentiments were hurt via the viral Hindu-Muslim Tanishq ad) was actually forced to put the apology.

The NDTV story said that the store was ‘attacked’ by a ‘mob’ and the owners were ‘forced’ to put up an apology. 

An article published a few minutes after this ‘breaking news’, cited that no one had no details about the ‘attack’.

NDTV in its news story said that the manager was forced to write an apology by the mob. However, minutes after the first tweet went viral, Twitter user Dr. Neel shared an audio where he can be heard talking to the store official who tells him that there was no such attack.

As you hear in the conversation between Dr. Neel and the official of the Tanishq store, you will find how clearly the latter mentions that no such attack has taken place; clearly busting the agenda of NDTV to create a bad impression of the BJP government yet again.

Later, ANI’s report also confirmed the plot of NDTV.

The worst part is that some news channels didn’t even think of verifying the news and copied the same referring it to NDTV.

Later, NDTV swiftly tried to dilute its false report.

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Someone truly said, “hamam mai sab nanage hai

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