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Arnab Goswami Resigns From The Editors Guild Of India On Live TV, Accuses Guild Of Hypocrisy

TV anchor Arnab Goswami has again become the talk of the ‘nation’ because of his recent decision that came on live TV. Arnab while discussing the Palghar lynchings on live TV today resigned from the Editors Guild of India.

In his announcement, he accused the Guild of being silent about the lynching incident in Maharastra and added that the incident was not a case of “mistaken identity” and the intentions (behind the incident) “were clear”.

“The Editors Guild of India has become a self-serving organisation, and I hereby, on live television, resign. I resign from the Editors of Guild of India for its absolute compromise on editorial ethics, for being an organisation that is only operating in self-interest. It (the Guild) is nothing but a group of has-beens”.

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For the unknown, The Editors Guild is a body with the twin objectives of protecting press freedom and for raising the standards of editorial leadership of newspapers and magazines.

On live debate, he added that had the lynching happened in a state-run by BJP government and to any minority in that state, people like Nasseeruddin Shah, and award vapsi gang would not have been silent like they are now.

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“If this had happened in a state run by BJP, and, instead of Hindus, and let me be very direct about it, they were from any minority community, would [actor] Nasseeruddin Shah, Aparna Sen, [historian] Ramchandra Guha, [editor] Siddharth Varadarajan, and the award vapsi gang, would they have gone berserk today?”

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