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As You Go Celebrating Dussehra Here Are Places In India Where Ravana Would Be Worshiped This Day

Our Dusshera memories are incomplete without seeing the sight of burning effigies of Ravana, Meghnad and Kumbhakarna. Every year thousands of people in India gather in their surroundings on the evening of Dusshera to celebrate the “Victory of Good Over Evil” by burning these effigies.


However, what if I tell you that there are places in India where Ravana would be worshipped this day. Surprised? You thought that Ravana has his followings in Sri Lanka only right?


Then here is a myth destroyer for you. Check out these places in India that would worship Ravana as you see his effigy burning on Dusshera.

Bisrakh, Greater Noida

There is no reason why the people of this place don’t worship Ravana and mourn his death on Dussehra. Located around 55 Kms away from the national capital Delhi in Greater Noida (Uttar Pradesh) Bisrakh is believed to be the birthplace of the demon king.


The place is named after rishi Vishrava, father of Ravana who discovered Shiva Linga here. As per local belief celebrating Ramlila and Dusshera in Bisrakh would invite the wrath of Ravana. People of the region perform fire sacrifices or Yajnas during Navratra festival to the Shiva linga praying homage to Ravana.

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Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh

This major and popular city of Uttar Pradesh houses a special following of Ravana. Kanpur his home to the Dashanan Ravana Temple that has idols of Ravana. The temple was built to worship the strength and knowledge of Ravana.


Situated next to the Shiva temple in Shivala area of the city this temple opens its door only once in a year. And that occasion is Dussehra. Believers of Ravana swarm in and pay homage to their hero on this day.

Kolar, Karnataka

You might be knowing Kolar for its gold mines or for the popular flick “KGF”. However, there is more to be known about the place. There are many temples of Lord Shiva in this district.


In these temples, Ravan is also worshiped due to his true devotion to Lord Shiva. People in Kolar during the harvest festival, worship Lankadipathi (Ravana: The King of Lanka). His idol is kept along with Shiva for worship.

Kangra Valley, Himachal Pradesh

We all know that Ravana was granted a “Boon” (Vardaan) by Lord Shiva for his dedication and belief towards the latter. However, not many of you would be knowing the place where it all happened.


Ravana performed Austerity in Baijnath (in Kangra) to attain appease Lord Shiva. It was here he got the Bane from the almighty “Shiva”. Thus, as a result of his respect and devotion towards Shiva people of Kangar worship the demon king.

Gadchiroli, Maharashtra

This Naxal hit district on the state border of Maharashtra and Chattisgarh is another home to worshippers of Ravana. The Gond tribal people of the region have faith in Ravana.


The Gonds believe that Ravana was not demonized in Valmiki’s Ramayan. It was in the Tulsidas Ramayana that he was considered a cruel and devil king.

In most of the texts (including Ramayana), it is written that Ravana did not do anything wrong or maligned Sita during her captivity in Lanka. Thus, his only motive was challenging Lord Rama and taking revenge of attack on her sister by Lord Laxman.

So, what do you think about this? Was Ravana too bad to be burnt every year? or are there more cruel Ravana’s in today’s society who need a treatment?

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