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Avoid Weight Gain In Winters, Take Notes

Winter is considered to be a pleasant season by many of us because we get relief from scorching heat of the summer. But it is also full of challenges and weight gain is one among it.

We tend to feel lazy and feel comfortable lying in our blankets and eat our favorite junk food. It is almost difficult to avoid weight gain in winters because you feel hungrier.

It is not very commonly known but winters affect our moods and energy level. Our physical activities get reduced and we want to sleep for more hours.

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No one will ask you to wake up early and do exercise every day. Here are few ways in which you can have a check on your weight without committing yourself to an exercise routine.

  • Choose any time of day and do walking. Brisk walking will keep your metabolism good and you will burn some calories as well
  • Drink warm liquids like soup, green tea, broths. They will keep you warm and will also give you feeling of fullness. You will not feel hungry and they will not add much calorie to your meals.
  • Add more proteins in your diet, because they have a thermogenic effect. Protein helps in reducing overall glycemic index of your meals and you will feel full for long hours. Try adding healthy proteins like egg whites, chicken, and pulses.
  • Eat more greens every day. Winters have lots of green vegetables that come fresh. They are rich in minerals and dietary fiber. If you add greens it will save you from eating supplements.
  • Incorporate healthy fats in your diet. Eat good quality nuts and seeds like peanuts, almonds, sunflower seeds and linseeds. They will keep you warm as well.
  • Keep control on your portions and try to keep them small. You can increase the number of meals but keep portions small.
  • Cut down sugar as much as you can because it adds to your carbohydrate intake as well.
  • Watch your salt intake as well because you are not doing much physical activity. You will feel bloated and get a feeling of discomfort.

Following these steps is super easy and it will help you in long run. We all need to check weight gain because its essential for maintaining good health.

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