Videos: 10 Cool Ways To Wear A Scarf This Winter

Besides a hot cup of coffee, cozy bed, and web series, scarfs are also a part of winter essentials. And sometimes your only sahara when you feel cold but don’t want to over-put clothes.

Scarfs are one of the most endearing pieces of clothing to have in the wardrobe that can literally never go wrong if “handled or carried with care”.

So if you plan to tie a scarf around your neck this winter, make sure it is one among these styles

1. The Muffler

The muffler is among the simplest ways to tie and rock the scarf look. If the scarf material is soft enough, carrying the muffler styled scarf could be the most comfortable thing you would have around you.

2. Flower Tie

Experimenting with styles could never go out of fashion and this one here is the one that you must experiment this winter. The flower tie scarf look would surely turn heads and we dig that.

3. The Pretzel Knot

A Pretzel knot would complement anyone be it a man or woman donning a suit, winter cardigan, or long jackets. It is easy to master and looks elegant.

4. The Bow

Scarf styled like a bow tie around your neck is nothing but a normal cozy feeling scarf mastered to perfection. Try it out for yourself and get winter-ready.

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5. The Braid

Girls? Now carry two/three braids at a time and still look your cutest with the braid scarf style.

6. The Cowl

The Cowl style is easy to master and go well with multiple dress code be it casuals at a get together with friends or a party.

7. Knotted Shawl

A slightly more advanced version of the wrap. Put the scarf around your shoulders like a shawl and make a half knot in the back with the ends. Pull the ends tight and up high on your back. Pull the scarf fabric down to cover the ends and that’s the perfect you have been looking for.

9. French Knot

Besides French fries, French toast and French kiss it seems like French is also famous for French Knot scarf style.

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10. Boho Headband

In a bit hatke design, if tired of wearing your scarf around your neck, now wear it around your head. The cute headscarf look can be created with a thin scarf.

Picture credits Hello Glow

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