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Big News: No New Lockdown Now In Maharashtra Says Health Minister Rajesh Tope

Health Minister Rajesh Tope’ makes the big announcement on Friday saying that no lockdown would be imposed in Maharashtra in the coming days. He told news agencies, “There is no possibility of fresh lockdown in the near future. I appeal to people to avoid crowding while celebrating the Ganesh festival. However, the festival would be simple.”

Source: The Indian Express

Health Minister Rajesh Tope added that the government has been issuing a set of Covid-19 guidelines and protocols which should be followed in any circumstances. On Friday, the state has recorded 4,313 fresh covid-19 cases and 92 deaths so far.

Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister Makes Big Statement

Maharashtra Deputy CM Ajit Pawar has asked citizens to follow all the Covid guidelines and protocols set by the government to avoid the spread of the virus in the state. Citizens should not put their guard down against Covid-19, especially in rural areas. 

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Ajit Pawar also said that “Unfortunately, in rural areas, some people are becoming lax. They are not scared of Coronavirus. They don’t use masks, don’t follow physical distancing, and they have assumed that everything (Covid-19 pandemic) is over. This has led to a rise in infections.”


Pawar added to his statement that the Centre has already cautioned all the states, citing that Maharashtra and Kerala continuously reporting the highest number of Covid-19 cases. Our honourable CM has also appealed to state citizens from time to time, but some people politicize the issue and resort to celebrating festivals. However, he appealed that all these should stop. People should not put the government and other concerned administrations in a situation where everything is to be closed if the situation gets worse.

When asked about the reopening of schools and institutions, he said that discussions are being held with the concerned experts and a decision will be taken soon. “There are two opinions. Some say schools should open after Diwali, while others say they should be reopened in places where the Covid-19 positivity rate is zero. The chief minister, however, will take the final call,” he said.

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