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Can Having Sex With Partner Give You COVID-19? Doctor Answers The Million Dollar Question

As the world faces a stringent lockdown, there has been a sudden boom in the sales of condoms across countries. Like for sure, 21 days at home? That is all the time a couple can get to try their fantasies. And that sounds delicious to me. 

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However, as coronavirus has spread rapidly, an obvious question that might pop in one’s mind is whether having sex with one’s partner can transfer coronavirus from one person to another? Or lead to coronavirus? In short, coronavirus has reached our bedrooms and we have no idea about its presence. 

So to help you choose between social distancing or having sex, NDTV called in a doctor to answer some million-dollar sex questions amidst the virus spread.

Dr Gowri Kulkarni, who is a family medicine specialist and head of medical operations at DocsApp, has a word or two to share about having sex in the time of the pandemic.

Sex Or No Sex?

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“First of all, we need to understand that coronavirus is a droplet infection and there is no proof that it spreads via sexual intercourse,” Dr Kulkarni begins with. 

She further suggests that when a couple indulges in sex, the proximity between the couple is high. So if either of them has an infection, which might not be visible as symptoms in the initial stage, they can transfer the same to the other.

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She further adds if the partner has been coughing or showing symptoms of the virus, it is better to maintain distance from them.

Can I Kiss my partner?

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If they have not been coughing or sneezing or complaining about any coronavirus symptoms, there you can surely kiss them. But the doctor suggests limiting the sexual exchange so you lessen the chances of being infected.

What About Oral Sex?

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There is no proof to show that coronavirus spreads by indulging in sexual intercourse or oral sex or anal sex. So it is safe, for the time being, says Dr. Kulkarni. “It doesn’t spread through semen. The only concern here is the proximity between you and your partner”.

Dr Kulkarni adds that many people will consider wearing a mask while having sex to save them from the virus. First, seeing your partner wearing a mask and doing things in creepy and second, it won’t save you from getting infected if your partner is. So drop that plan forever.

Source – MIT Technology Review

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Al last doctor Kulkarni suggests to change clothes, get your bed cleaned and sanitize oneself before indulging in anything until coronavirus is here. 

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