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Canada Witness It’s Worst ‘Mass Shooting’, Killing Around 22, Caused By An Assaulting Boyfriend

In the midst of the fight with COVID-19 pandemic Canada witnessed it’s worst ‘mass shooting’. An act that was a result of anger and frustration of an assaulting boyfriend. Yes, it was a result of a girlfriend-boyfriend issue.

The boyfriend (the gunman) killed 22 people after his girlfriend escaped him when he assaulted her, informed the Police. The incident has reported having taken place last week. As per local media, the man had tied up his girlfriend from where she escaped.

“It was a significant assault, and this individual female did manage to escape, and that could very well have been the catalyst to start the chain of events”, said Darren Campbell Superintendent of Police, Nova Scotia. Police is also exploring the possibility of planning behind the attack.

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After escaping the lady spent the night in hiding in the thick woods that surround the rural hamlet of Portapique, Nova Scotia, and only emerged on Sunday morning to call the 911 emergency number at about 6:30 A.M, informed the police.


The 51-year-old boyfriend Gabriel Wortman had killed 13 people from the time his girlfriend escaped and called the emergency number. Wortman also randomly killed one woman who was out for a Sunday morning walk. He used the fake police cruiser to pull over and shoot and kill at least one person. Wortman also stopped at the home of a woman he knew, murdered her, and took her car

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The police shot him down 90 Kms from Portapique where a police officer was wounded and one was killed. This horrific incident has left the people in shock and given a tough run to the police.

Inputs from Reuters

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