Like Using ChatGPT AI App? Beware of These Five Fakes

Developed by an OpenAI startup, ChatGPT is an AI language tool app that has become a favourite of many who want their simple tasks to become automatic. This advanced chatbot can answer any question you want. Let me give some of the questions as an example that you can ask ChatGPT and it will answer you, also mentioned on its official website.

List of example questions that ChatGPT can answer:

  • “This code is not working like I expect — how do I fix it?”
  • “How do you break into someone’s house?”
  • “what is the fermat’s little theorem”
  • “Help me write a short note to introduce myself to my neighbour”
  • “This code is not working like I expect — how do I fix it?”

Abilities of ChatGPT Attracting Copycats

Now you know what type of AI app ChatGPT is, why it has gone viral now and how dynamic are its capabilities. Also, this is the only reason its doppelgangers are showing up on the different app stores. These fakes are designed to mimic the original ChatGPT app and defraud users. Download below the names of five of these ChatGPT copycats.

List of Five Fake ChatGPT Apps:

GPT AI Chat -Chatbot assistant

GPT AI Chat -Chatbot assistant

This fake is developed by Mobteq and boasts and has more than 50,000 downloads. This app has fooled many users until now and claims to perform the same function as the original ChatGPT.

ChatGPT 3: Chat GPT AI

ChatGPT 3 Chat GPT AI

One of the fakes is ChatGPT 3: Chat GPT AI developed by Ekmen. This app teaches users how to interact with AI chatbots.

TalkGPT – Talk to ChatGPT

TalkGPT Talk to ChatGPT

At Google Play Store this app has been downloaded more than one lakh times. It also shows ads and has in-app purchasable items. When users ask questions this app replies by copying human-like voices.

GPT Chat AI Writing Assistant

GPT Chat AI Writing Assistant

This doppelganger is also pretending to be the original ChatGPT. Developed by Mix App Developer and boasts it has been downloaded over 50,000 times on the play store.

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Aico – GPT AI Chat Companion

Aico GPT AI Chat Companion

This copycat claims to be the “most powerful AI Chat with Voice”. It can speak in multiple languages and also real-time chat support. But it ain’t the real one.

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