Children’s Day: All I Asked My Father Was Rs. 10 When I Could’hv Asked Him The World

With age advent on my face, a lack of excitement about Children’s Day seems obvious. And historically, it has been plunging ever since I passed standard 10th (why?) to reach class 11th. It was yet another Children’s Day back then, and when for a day, I thought I could be a child, again, my teachers busted the bubble saying “you are in 11th standard, no more a kid

And that was the moment when I realized “bachpaan to gaya, jawani a gayi. I can bet that many “men” and “women” sharing my age would have been exposed to such dialogues at least once in their life. Hand raises? Oh thanks!!

Though obviously not intentionally, people – grown-ups to be specific – have this penchant to pinpoint that the golden years of our lives are well-behind us. And never overtaking us.

However, the one person who has always kept the child in me alive in “himself” when even I couldn’t would be my father. Your father And all the fathers in this world.

Maybe this is something that comes naturally to them. Harmless-stalking their kid no matter what age he/she is. Caring more!!

You, thankfully, would always be asked by them to return home early, just because you are a kid. Eat well, just because a child needs enough nourishment. And all the bla!! bla!! you think they do.

As a 90s kid, I used to be excited about Children’s day for a specific two reasons. Firstly, the sweets I would get at school and secondly, I could ask my father money that I would use to buy chocolates.

And for I don’t know what reason, I couldn’t ask him more than Rs. 10. I would say “Papa aj Children’s day hai 10 rupaye do” and he, who never use to give us more than Rs. 5 (thankful to that), would smile and give us (me and siblings) Rs. 10 each.

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And today, as I said, when age is advent on my face and we wouldn’t ask our father money just because acha nhi lgta, I realize once there was a day when I could’ve asked him anything and he wouldn’t have denied.

Aj bhi nhi krege but who’s asking?

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