It’s All True: Study Finds That Showing Apple Products In Profile Pictures Can Get You More Dates

Judging people based on what they look like and what they own is a harsh reality dating has come down to. And seems like there is nothing new I am telling you about the flawed pop culture we are exposed to.

Talking specifically about online dating, it has become more of a time pass for the millennials who go out there to not right swipe ones good for their mental health but instead swiping ones who match their status. Bragging? Na!! This report is proof.

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A recent survey reported first by 9to5Mac has revealed that people who own Apple products have higher chances of getting a date on dating apps.

The survey listed fake profiles in several cities across the globe. The only difference in these profiles had was the device/brand of device that was visible in photos on their profile.

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The survey analysed a whopping 50,000+ swipes and found that the profile that had the iPhone, Apple Watch, Airpods visible on their DP got more right swipes than any other profile.
Source – iMore

A picture that has an iPhone visible raised the chances of getting right swipes by a considerable 76 percent. The profile which showed the person wearing an Apple Watch increased these odds by a whopping 61 percent, whereas Airpods contributed to 41 percent.

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Samsung mobile phone users received a minimal boost of 19%. While other smartphone brands like Google Pixel and Sony brought down the chances by 14 and 10 per cent respectively.

Source – The Verge

Rob Ballie from said, “Our study found that younger singletons aged 35 and under were more likely to be influenced by the phone you have than the car you drive, with Apple products giving those looking for love a clear advantage over the rest, perhaps due to the higher cost or ‘cool factor’ associated with the brand.”

Source – Deccan Herald

He added, “On the flip side, picking the wrong tech can have a detrimental effect on your love life. For instance, having a BlackBerry seems to be a surefire way to be left in the singles aisle, so if you’re in the market for both a new handset and a new partner, Apple might be the safest pick.”

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