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Eid Mubarak: Internet Showers This Mango Seller With The Best Eidi After Delhi Crowd Loots Mangoes Worth Rs 30,000 From Him

Recently in an odd incident, a fruit seller in North Delhi named Chhote Mia was looted for his mangoes when a crowd allegedly looted his mango crates worth Rs. 30,000. Sounds odd and heartbreaking to hear, right? Same.

Here is the video of the incident:

There were 15 crates of mangoes worth Rs 30,000 and everything was reportedly taken. In the video, a traffic hold up can be seen as people park their vehicles in a rush to steal the fruits.

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Chhote, who makes livelihood by selling fruits was heartbroken after the incident. In a world wherein people are already facing problems to make ends meet, Chhote was saving up to celebrate Eid with his family.

The story was run by NDTV and it garnered a tremendous response from the audience who came forward to help Chhote. The mango seller had reportedly shared his bank account number with NDTV and people poured in lakhs in donations into his bank account.

Source – NDTV

When NDTV went back to him on Saturday and told him about the response from viewers and readers, Chhote was taken aback. The amount of donation he garnered was well over the worth of mangoes people had looted from him. Some reports suggest that the total donation he received from people was over 8 lakhs rupees.

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Ab jaake jaan mein jaan aai hai said Chhote adding that he “will finally get to celebrate Eid, take care of my children”.

The police had earlier filed a complaint against and have also arrested 3 men connected with the incident.

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And the story is proof that no matter how bad the world gets, humanity will always triumph the wrong in society.

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