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This Crane Operator Annoying The Sun Bather Using The Crane Is Both Cruel & Funny At The Same Time

We all are looking for ways to pass our time amidst the pandemic we are in. And you surely have had found different ways to keep yourself entertained amidst the blues.

Just like you, here are two people who sort to different ways to pass their time and their way of passing time is helping us pass some time. Chronology samjhe? Nhi? Ok.

In the video doing the rounds on Twitter, a crane operator can be seen trolling a person sunbathing on the ground. The crane operator casts a shadow on the man tying to sunbath, using the crane’s arm and it’s both rude and funny to watch. Have a look:

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While so many people had a good laugh at the poor sunbather, there were also some who were angry with the behaviour of the crane operator. Surely, it is not ok to annoy someone who is maintaining all social distancing norms and trying to chill.

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What’s your opinion on it? Let us know in the comment section below.

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