This Woman Uses Sun To Make Paintings, Yes You Read That Right

While I still struggle to pick up a brush, this woman named Hye Sea uses the sun to paint. Well, yes you heard that right. 

The vide of the same was shared by a Twitter user CJ Lawrence. In the video, the woman can be seen painting using sunlight and a magnifying glass. 

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“She is Painting … with the sun! The Sun & she learned how to do it when she was growing up & didn’t have paint but had a magnifying glass and her father had scrap wood when he was working in his shop as a carpenter. Her name is: MagnifyTheSun on IG,” the user wrote.

And when we stalked her account on Instagram, we found that she had learned the unique style of painting while growing up with her carpenter father. 

She owned a magnifying glass and her father was a carpenter and he had a lot of scrap wood, lying around. So, she used that as a canvas. And now she is a pro.

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She also has her own Instagram page, MagnifyTheSun, where she displays her artwork. All she uses is a magnifying glass and wood scrap to create solar engraved art and it’s amazing.

ViralBake Telegram

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Her work was appreciated by NASA recently.

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