Drinking Coffee On Empty Stomach Is Harmful: Know Why?

Do you always start your day with a cup of coffee and it always turns out to be the best decision to get refreshed daily? If yes, then you should also be aware of the harmful effects of drinking coffee on an empty stomach daily. It’s now become a traditional practice to have hot drinks like tea or coffee after waking up. On second thought people are addicted towards drinking these hot drinks to feel energetic. Many of us are not able to even open our eyes without consuming these drinks. However, the experts are against this daily practice. They believe, in the long run, having these hot drinks on an empty stomach can be harmful to the body.

Drinking Coffee On Empty Stomach Is Harmful

Reason For Which Drinking Coffee On an Empty Stomach Is Harmful

As per nutritionists, drinking coffee on an empty stomach increases acid levels and can upset your belly. This practice also adversely affects your digestion cycle. Moreover, bacteria in your mouth after drinking tea or coffee in the morning can get to your stomach and you may suffer from infection from it.

As mentioned by Indian Express, Dr Garima Goyal, a dietician from Ludhiana, has explained that the PH value of tea or coffee triggers the acidity in your stomach.

“The PH values of tea and coffee are 4 and 5 respectively, due to which they can cause acidity,” said Dietician as quoted by the website.

If Not Tea or Coffee In The Morning Then What To Drink?

As per health experts, the first thing in the morning a person should consume should be a glass of water at room temperature. This will decrease the production of acid in the stomach and, as a daily practice, will save you from ulcers and heartburn. Also, keeping you hydrated improves your bowel movement and prevents constipation.

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The Benefits of Drinking A Glass Of Water On an Empty Stomach

As mentioned on Manipal Hospital’s website these are the 11 benefits of drinking water on an empty stomach:

  • It purifies the bowel.
  • Gets rid of toxins from the body by flushing it.
  • Save you from headaches.
  • Let you feel energetic.
  • Boost the body’s metabolism rate.
  • Assists in losing weight…
  • Improves your skin quality.
  • Promotes hair health.
  • Prevents kidney stone formation.
  • Elevate your immune system.
  • Aids your appetite.

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