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This Egyptian Snake Charmer Puts Even The Deadliest Of Snakes To Sleep

The world is full of passionate people.

And passion has a different meaning for everyone. For some, it could be as common as dancing, singing. And for some, it could be as unbelievable as becoming a lion whisperer.

But hey, it’s passion after all.

Egyptian snake charmer

One such rare talent emerges from the rustic city of Egypt, where this 29-year-old snake charmer ‘Amier El Refaie‘ performs jaw-dropping stunts with some of the world’s deadliest snakes.

But what exactly is a snake charmer?

Since ancient times, Egypt has been home to this dangerous art form. Snake charming is an intricate practice appearing to hypnotize a snake by playing an instrument or waving.

And yes, you heard it right, he is a snake charmer in real world.

In his words, “The world of snakes is vast, the trainer must learn the secrets of hunting and capturing snakes … if he is not knowledgeable, he could be exposed to deadly venom at any moment,”.

This mad idea crossed his mind years ago to befriend snakes. And he did take the idea way too seriously. He has been practicing this mesmerizing art to put the world’s most poisonous snakes to sleep for the last 5 years.

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The soft sound of Indian music becomes the perfect background of this enticing performance. He begins first by gently lifting the snake in his hands and then starts swaying it left and right as if it’s dancing.

Egyptian snake charmer

This Egyptian snake charmer then sways it back and forth according to the music and gazes directly into the eyes of the venomous serpent.

Egyptian snake charmer

Slowly, he brings the snake’s head close to his forehead and touches it.

Egyptian snake charmer

And finally, he places the snake on the ground. With that, the performance comes to an end.

Egyptian snake charmer

At one point in time, Sharm El Sheikh used to be quite popular in terms of tourism which has declined drastically in the past years due to Islamist militants attacks. He wishes to work in favor of the tourism industry and believes that this art form can attract people from across the globe.

He recently performed in the Red Sea resort of Sharm El Sheikh. And there is no doubt that the way he performs is sure to give you goosebumps.

He would even let you hold one of his friends around your neck while he locks his gaze on his buddy to make sure the cobra doesn’t give you a peck on your cheek.

Egyptian snake charmer

In conclusion:
Tourism or not, this flabbergasting art is sure to give you a adrenaline induced heart-attack. He already has 13 snakes in his possession and hopes to make snake charming a booming industry in Egypt. And as far as Refaie is concerned, we just have one sentence for you. YOU THE MAN, Refaie!

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