9 Ways To Display Family Pictures In The Most Alluring Way Possible

Pictures allow you a trip down the memory lane, leaving an endearing smile on your face. You recall the exact moment when they were captured. And of course, placing such cheery portraits of your loved ones in your vicinity would only spew positive vibes in the house.

However, when it comes to illustrating family pictures in the house, it is often tricky to come up with creative ideas. You might get confused- ‘Where to place your dog’s picture? Where your hubby’s?’

So, to ward off any such woes, we have compiled photo wall ideas that offer the much needed inspiration you need right now.

1. A Gallery Wall

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A gallery wall showcasing life moments you have been spending with your loved ones could be your muse. All these years you spent with them is frankly the best thing you could lay your eyes upon as you kick start your day.

An effective way to make this look artistic would be committing to a theme, for example, all black and white images.

2. Timeline Gallery Wall

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You can also try presenting your family pictures in a sequential format. Date your photos or use date stickers on the wall to show the fulfilling adventure that your life is with your family in it. Add up as you go on more trips.

If you have a lot of vacation pictures stacked up, then this idea is just for you.

3. A Photo Ledge

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A ledge with a fireplace or couch beneath is one of the in trend photo display ideas. This allows you a closer look at the pictures, and the overlapping frames of distinct sizes go well if you have large photos lying around in the house.

Try this and give your home a chic feel.

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4. A Desk Photo Display

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A desk photo display setting sounds perfect if your desk has been placed in front of a window. A careful mix of items, including a pen stand, coffee mug, books, etc. with a hand-picked photo frame slightly different in style will look amazing.

Moreover, it takes just a few items to get the job done. Go on, try it.

5. A Floor to Ceiling Display

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If you have enough photos to cover an entire wall, then this is one way to display them all at once. You can display all those pictures on the wall closest to the stairs to allow guests a detailed view of the family tree as they ascend the stairs.

Also, it adds glamour to a plain wall making it look uber stylish.

6. Panorama Gallery Wall

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Panorama captures the whole scene with you and your loved ones in it. It reminds you exactly where you were and what were you into. You can either choose to put a single panorama image or line up several frames for an aesthetic gallery look.

You can also use an entire wall to put up several panorama images.

7. Go Unframed

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When opting for unframed gallery look, ensure you use the best canvas quality-wise. Choose your favorite non-framed style, like canvas or metallic, wood, etc. to stay committed to a theme.

You will be glad to see the outcome, once you have mounted all of them on your favorite wall.

8. String against the Wall

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In any case, if you are in love with your walls and do not want to harm them, opt for a string against the wall gallery arrangement. All you need are strings attached to the walls, tons of clips and tasteful pictures that dwell with the background.

Just make sure to use the clips of right kind or it won’t look good.

9. Giant Portrait

Home Decor family pictures

Giant portraits may eat up a big chunk of your wall space but are in every way the attention stealer. Candid portraits are visually striking and mix well with the giant portrait genre.

Just let them lay around near the wall and place your bed in the extreme opposite end to give them their own space.

To Conclude: 

Walls do have a story to share it all depends on your creative instincts and adorable pictures for them to extract the right emotions.

Putting family pictures on the wall shows that you appreciate the presence of your family around you. And that’s is something adorable.

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