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Forget Dalgona Coffee As Dalgona Peg Is The New Internet Obsession

Lockdown is a time of being our best creative self. And people are adhering to the same by participating in various social media trends. From Pillow Quarantine Challenge to Dalgona Coffee Challenge, there is no end to these challenges and happens to be, there is a new one already doing the rounds.

This time, it is about Dalgona Peg. The recipe is pretty simple and can be made in three simple steps. First, fill the glass halfway with water. Then, take a cloth to cover the mouth and pour the whiskey into it. Vola! there, the texture of it resembles completely to that of Dalgona coffee.

As the new trend emerged, people have been participating in the same showing there creativity under the hashtag – #DalgonaWhiskeyChallenge

And if you don’t know what Dalgona coffee is, then here’s the video for you.

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