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Watch: Italian Village Blessed To Have Wine Running Out Of Taps For Three Hours

If you’re someone who loves alcohol, having it flowing out of your tap is a dream that you probably have grown up to. Well, for many this is just a fictional dream limited to a novel but for some, it has become a reality. At least for 3 hours.

Recently, many families in Italy were overwhelmed to see wine flowing out of there taps instead of water. The once in a lifetime view probably lasted for over 3 hours and was the result of a technical mishap in a nearby winery.

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According to reports, the wine flow happened after a winery accidentally pumped wine into the local water system. How drunk you have to be to do such a thing? The ‘technical fault’ happened at the Setticani winery.

Source – Atlas Obscura

The investigation further revealed that a silo storing wine began leaking into the water pipes. Then the wine began flowing through the water system and reached nearby houses. Many residents though complained about the same, others bottled up the precious liquid for later use.

The glitch lasted for 3 hours and at least 20 homes were affected or say blessed.

Source – 9Gag

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“At a time where we have very little to smile about, I’m glad we brought some levity to others. Hopefully, someday they’ll remember us and will want to come visit us,” Mezzacqui told CNN.

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