Google Announcement: 5 Features in Mobile Search, Coming Soon

Google Announcement: 5 Features in Mobile Search, Coming Soon

Google is all set to roll out 5 new changes in the Mobile Search Engine for its Android and iOS users. It is adding these 5 features to make it easy for its users to explore their queries on the website.

SERP is going to change completely and you might enjoy these little, yet dramatic changes on your search engine. Let us have a look at each change offered by Google below:

1. Google Search Shortcuts

We already do a lot with our Google search engine like hum to it, talk to it, scan text through its lens and what not.

Google is making it more convenient by introducing search shortcuts on your screen that can help you go to your query faster.

1. Google Search Shortcuts
Screenshot from:, September 2022.

2. Results In The Search Bar

The next change in the row is that while you will be typing your query, Google will start displaying the results in your search bar only.

This way you can reach your page quickly. Check out the image to get more clarity on the topic.

Results In The Search Bar
Screenshot from:, September 2022.

3. Enhanced Query Refinements

As you can see in the image, this feature brings a few tabs on your screen while you type your query. You can choose the right tab for your query and reach your end result faster.

However, I feel like we already have this help from Google.

Enhanced Query Refinements
Screenshot from:, September 2022.

4. Google Web Stories

This one is probably my favorite so far. Google Web Stories enables you to check the stories and shorts of people related to your query.

For example, if you searched for Amber Fort, in addition to the page results, Google will also show you the shorts and stories of the people visiting or talking about this topic. You can also click on them to expand them in full screen.

Google Web Stories
Screenshot from:, September 2022.

5. Combining Text, Images, & Video

In case you always wondered why Google would not show all the results on one page, here is something for you. Once this change is out, Google would not require you to toggle between images, news and more but everything will be shown on a single page.

Combining Text, Images, & Video
Screenshot from:, September 2022.

In case you are out of results, you would not have to switch to the next page but you can click on ‘More Search Results’ and enjoy Google Results.

ViralBake Telegram
Combining Text, Images, & Video
Screenshot from:, September 2022.


So, these are all the steaming hot 5 Features in Mobile Search by Google. I hope you enjoyed knowing about them and probably are excited to see them on your mobile phone too.

These are expected to go live in months so stay tuned with us as we will update you as soon as it comes out.

Also, don’t forget to share this article further to spread the word across. You must also leave your comments in the comment section below.

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