Google Play Store Has Banned This App, Uninstall If You Have Right Now!

Google has discovered an app on Play Store and banned it later because it was stealing personal banking details of users from their smartphones. Google has urged the users to uninstall this app from their Android phones immediately.

A warning was issued by Pardeo after it discovered that a popular application with million downloads ‘2FA Authenticator’ was installing a malware in Android devices. Pardeo is a cyber security company that offers mobile security solutions for application security and mobile device protection.

Such types of ads advertise themselves as security solutions for your phones. It is important to note that you should not fall for such gimmicks and only download when you have verified from several sources.

2FA Authenticator installs a bug named Vultur that is designed to target financial services. It is programmed to pinch money from bank accounts. As soon as Google received the warning it immediately took action and banned the app from its Play Store.

People who have installed this application on their phones are still in threat as the malware will keep stealing the bank information.

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Pardeo said, “Pradeo’s researchers discovered a malicious mobile application called 2FA Authenticator distributed on Google Play and installed by 10K+ users. We identified the application as a trojan-dropper as it is leveraged by cybercriminals to secretly install malware on users’ mobile devices. Our analysis revealed that the dropper automatically installs a malware called Vultur which targets financial services to steal users’ banking information. Users of this app are advised to delete it immediately.”

This latest threat comes after another nasty bug called BRATA was found to be infecting phones and it not only steals money but also wipes the entire device to avoid being traced.

According to the team Cleafy, BRATA was first discovered by security researchers at Kaspersky back in 2019 with it targeting smartphone owners in Brazil. Now, before you breathe a huge sigh of relief that this malware is safely tucked on the other side of the planet that’s not the case any longer.

BRATA is spreading incredibly fast and it’s now made its way across the Atlantic with users in the UK, Poland and Italy all thought to be the next targets in BRATA’S sights.

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