Green Crackers: A Quick Guide For Your Purchase This Diwali

Diwali is almost here and shopping for crackers might be the last thing remaining on your “to do” list. Well, without crackers Diwali is not complete (even if you get chocked by pollution later on ?).

Green cracker

However, this time you would not have to face the guilt of polluting the environment as “Green Crackers” are out there in the market. If you didn’t knew about them and were going to buy the normal crackers then hang on as you read this.

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Here we bring you a guide to Green Crackers that are developed indigenously by Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI) and are capable of reducing emissions up to 30%.


SWAS which means “breath” in Hindi is sure to save your breath from chocking under pollution. SWAS that is Safe Water Releaser as per its name releases only water vapors on burning.


The cracker eliminates the usage of Potassium nitrate and Sulphur and brings down emission of particulate matter, SO2 and NOx by close to 35%. In terms of sound intensity, the cracker produces the sound in the range of commercial cracker without deafening your ears.


STAR which is an acronym for Safe Thermite Cracker is surely a “Star” if you consider its role in bringing happiness to your faces and balancing the environmental aspect. The cracker contributes in cutting down sulfur emissions.


Sulphur and Nitrogen are two major air pollutants coming out as a result of cracker burning. These two are known to cause harmful environmental effects like “Acid Rain” and “Smog”.


SAFAL that is Safe Minimal Aluminium is a cracker that minimizes the use of aluminum. SAFAL has shown proven efficacy in minimizing usage of aluminum (only in flash powder for initiation) with consequent significant reduction in particulate matter.


This along with STAR and SWAS have been tested by Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation (PESO) for there effectiveness in all aspects.

If you still have some doubts about these Green Crackers then let me tell you an important thing. These crackers are 15-20 % cheaper than conventional crakers that add pollution in heaps.

That’s not all E-Ladi, E-Anar, system for E-cracker show etc would also be seen hitting the market soon (they are under development by CSIR) and you can expect them to light your Diwali by next year.

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So, be an environmental hero/heroine and opt for Green Crackers this Diwali to cut on pollution and not your fun of festival.

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