Hacker Installs Windows 10 On A Calculator, Know How

Hackers are notorious for the things they can do with obviously their notorious mind intact. However, at times they can also leave you amazed with their mind-boggling tips and tricks. And one such tech knack, named Ben, is already doing it.

Ben, in what will make you go wth?, shared a couple of pictures on Twitter revealing that he had successfully installed windows 10 IoT (Internet of things) Core on a simple calculator. Yes, a calculator.

In the pictures he shared on the microblogging site (below), one could see a boot menu of the OS. 

Interestingly, one thing that you must note is that to make this “cheap computer”, Ben has used more than just a scientific calculator. His prop is instead a powerful HP Prime Graphing Calculator.

Ben shared that he failed in his first attempt due to the small screen of the device, however, successfully managed to get access to Windows Boot Manager and Windows 10’s boot UI in the second attempt.

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The hacker used Windows 10 IoT for the task, which isn’t the full-fledged version of Windows 10. This means the OS has been designed to work with even such small screens or devices.

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Meanwhile, Ben doesn’t has the full access to normal windows 10 look and feel as this would need him to move past the boot menu.

We can wait for a functioning windows 10 on a calculator, right? 

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