Hanging Of Nirbhaya Convicts To Be Celebrated As ‘Rape Prevention Day’, Say Activists

As the final date of the hanging of Nirbhaya Case convicts is out a new demand has taken shape. Activists have demanded that the date of ‘hanging’ of convict should be declared as ‘Rape Prevention Day’.

The Delhi court for the 4th time issued a death warrant in the case on Thursday. As per the warrant the hanging would take place on 20th March at 5:30 AM. Women rights activist and founder of People against Rapes in India (PARI), Yogita Bhayana, has penned a letter to the United Nations.

In her letter, Yogita has asked the global body to declare March 20, 2020, as ‘Rape Prevention Day.‘ She believes that naming the day would help in sensitizing this issue and making Indians aware of their mission towards women security. She adds that this would be a strong step towards social justice and will have a huge impact on Indian society.

Yogita Bhayana

“Such naming shall help every Indian to understand what Nirbhaya and her family had endured and reaffirmed their vow to the vision of a rape free India. Just like Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated in India to not just celebrate Gandhiji’s birthday but to celebrate Gandhi as a person and the ideals that he lived to protect,”  wrote Yogita in her letter to the UN.

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In 2012 a 23 years old girl (later named Nirbhaya) was raped and assaulted by 5 men on the night of 16th December as she was returning home with a friend. She died after facing serious injuries. The incident sparked a nation-wide outrage in regards to women safety.

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