Harmful Android Apps Found On Google Play Store, If You Have Then Delete Them

A security firm, named Dr Web antivirus, has discovered some of the dangerous malware on Google Play Store. These apps have millions of downloads and are capable of stealing crucial data from users. Almost all of these apps are taken care of, but few of them are still downloaded on users’ devices. So, it is advised for all users to delete them immediately to save their data.

Harmful Malware Apps Found On Google Play Store

Harmful Malware Apps Found On Google Play Store

Out of these harmful malware applications found on Google Play Store, there is dubbed TubeBox, which alone has over a million downloads. The primary function of this app is to help users make money while watching videos and ads. So, in return for their watching time, TubeBox offers rewards to its users that they can convert into money.

“Dr Web notes that the creators of this app tried to string their victims along for as long as possible so that they would continue watching videos and ads, earning money not for themselves but for the fraudsters,” mentioned Indiatoday.

Another app called Dubbed Fast Cleaner & Cooling Master was also on Google Play Store for users to download as a smartphone optimizer. But instead of optimising the OS for you these apps, “displays ads or launch a proxy server on an affected device. Third parties can use this proxy to channel traffic through it. The app has over 500,000 downloads.”

“Some apps containing a new adware module” were identified as well. The module receives commands through Firebase Cloud Messaging. This module receives commands through Firebase Cloud Messaging and loads malicious websites into them. Apps affected by this malware include Bluetooth device auto-connect, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and USB driver, and Volume, Music Equalizer. The three apps have been installed 1.15 million times”, further mentioned.

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“Dr Web has also found apps with Android.FakeApp trojan family. These fake apps are designed to get users to participate in dodgy surveys, register accounts, and submit applications in order to collect their personal information. These apps are mainly specific to Russian users. In a blog post, the company notes that attackers use images of famous personas and companies and make “loud statements.”

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