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Fact Check: Russia’s Claim To Have Successfully Made World’s First COVID-19 Vaccine Seems Flawed

On Monday, Russia claimed to have had developed the world’s first coronavirus vaccine successfully. Russia, upping the hopes of people from across the world, has said that it has successfully completed the human trails of the vaccine. However, the world will need authorization from the WHO to believe the same.

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Also, when we fact-checked the information we bumped into some facts that assert Russia may not have followed all the regulations to come up with the vaccine. Have a look:

Fact Check

Russia’s Sechenov University claims that the vaccine has successfully completed the human trails. But the WHO on July 7 said that the vaccine is still in phase 1 of human trial.

A vaccine has to go through as many as three compulsory human trials, to be deemed safe, which are not possible in 7 days. Also, the WHO has listed 21 potential vaccines and only two of them have reached the advanced stage of human trials: Sinovac from China and the University of Oxford and Astra-Zeneca’s viral vector vaccine. 

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The lead researcher at the university says that all human trials have been completed but only 40 people were involved. But, for a human trial in the 2nd and 3rd stage, as many as 100 and 1000 people must be injected with the drug respectively.

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So it is quite possible that Russia may have passed the human trial 1 surely but hasn’t made a vaccine yet. Also, Russia began working on the vaccine on June 18. So how can a country make a vaccine in less than a month that scientists claim can take at least 10 years to brew?

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Even the most recent vaccines for malaria, ebola, and dengue took at least four years to be developed. 

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