Jupiter, Saturn & Moon Will Be Visible To Human Eye Today, Here’s When You Can Watch

The times are great to watch constellations, the moon and everything that is in the sky for two reasons. Firstly, nature is offering us such beautiful phenomenons in abundance and secondly, the lack of pollution makes them easier to behold.

After the world got a glimpse of the Flower Moon on May 7, the last supermoon of 2020, on, there’s another event that you might want to see. Today, on May 12, the Jupiter, Saturn and Moon will hang out together in the sky and you don’t even require a telescope to see them together.

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This event will take place in the eastern sky, starting a bit after midnight to dawn. But, keep in mind, it will not be visible before 2:00 AM to the naked eye.

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As per an astronomy professor, the phenomenon when the Saturn, Jupiter and moon will align together will look something like a smiley face in the northern hemisphere and the people in the southern hemisphere will witness it as an upside-down smiley.

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So get out at your balconies and make sure you get a glimpse of the same.

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