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Someone Posted A Picture Of Oreo Ice Cream Samosa And The Internet Loses Its Taste Buds

Bizzare food combinations can be a hit or a miss and herein, you get to decide it for yourself. Because for sure, I’m not making an Oreo Aloo Samosa anytime soon.

However, quarantining makes you do things. Actually, why quarantining? Indians and their love for food make them cook bizarre stuff. Then it was Gulab Jamun Ki Sabji, and now we have Oreo Aloo Samosa.

Samosa is among the most sought after food items in not only India but also various other parts of the world. The crunchy outside covering of the samosa with the soft aloo stuffing makes everyone love the dish. 

But an ice-cream samosa? We didn’t ask for it.

Stuffed with ice cream on the inside and the same crispy outside, the samosa has got everyone talking. Ever since then, Netizens cannot help but discuss the creation since its the first of its kind. While some loved the concept, others could not stand the thought of it.

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