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This Doggo Getting Excited For His Birthday Gift Is Me When I See A Gift

Dogs are loved. No matter what they do, they carry a special kind of cuteness with them. And I am sure you must have seen such dogs making the world a happier place often. In one similar incident, this doggo’s wholesome reaction after opening its birthday gift is something that will definitely delight your day.

The video of the dog was shared on Reddit and shows a dog all excited about opening his birthday gift. The owner hands the pooch a piñata with a hanging knot for the doggo to tug on. 

And when he pulls the tug to unwrap the gift, a bunch of balls surprises the creature as he begins jumping. The doggo is then, joined by another doggo friend. And the party completes.

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Netizens seem to be so in love with the reaction of the dog and made sure the owner knows the gift he has got.

“Love the brief moment of shock after it opens. Then massive excite!” points out a Reddit user. “Wait! This can’t be real, can it? YES! It is!” writes another which is probably the doggo’s exact thoughts.

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“He went ‘BALListic!’ But recovered pretty quickly from the initial sensory overload,” comments a third. “This is brilliant and adorable!” exclaims a fourth.

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