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Home Isolation Revised Guidelines by MoHFW

Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (MoHFW) has released Revised Home Isolation Guidelines for mild/asymptomatic Covid-19 patients.

MoHFW issues updated guidelines time to time for home isolation to clarify selection criteria, precautions to follow and signs that need immediate reporting to hospitals.

Guidelines are for patients who have been assigned as mild/asymptomatic by an authorized Medical Officer.

Who Is Eligible For Home Isolation

  • Person should be clinically assigned as mild/asymptomatic by Medical Officer.
  • Person should have requisite facility at home. There should be space for quarantine of Family members.
  • A Caregiver should be present. Caregiver should communicate regularly with Medical Officer.
  • Person more than 60 year old should be allowed for home isolation after evaluation by Medical Officer.
  • Person suffering from Immune Compromised Status are not recommended for home isolation.

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Instructions For Patients

  • Patient should be away from all other family members.
  • Stay in well-ventilated room with windows open.
  • Use triple layer mask and discard it after 8 hours.
  • Take rest and take lots of fluid.
  • Follow respiratory etiquettes properly.
  • Wash hands with soap for 40 seconds regularly or use sanitizers.
  • Do not share personal items like utensils, water bottle with any other person.
  • Self-monitor vitals and note it down in chart.

Patients Self-Monitoring Health Chart

Date and TimeTemperatureHeart RateSpO2 %Feeling (better/same/worse)Breathing (better/same/worse)
Chart Provided By MoHFW for Home Isolation Patients

When To Seek Medical Attention

  • Fever more than 100 degrees F for more than 3 days.
  • Difficulty in breathing.
  • Dip in Oxygen Saturation (SpO2 less than 93% for 3 readings in 1 hour).
  • Dip in Respiratory Rate (less than 24 per minute).
  • Persistent pain in chest.
  • Severe fatigue and myalgia.
  • Mental confusion.

Read in more detail on official website of Ministry of Health & Family Welfare or just click here.

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