Health Tips: How To Be Safe While Performing Oral Sex

Like every other form of sex, oral sex comes with its own set of pleasure. For most couples, not shying away from having oral sex is the beginning of the next-level in their sexual relationship.

However, misconceptions about oral sex can always plague one’s experience with it. So, ensuring you have none, here’s everything you need to know about oral sex.

What is Oral Sex?

Any form of stimulation performed using mouth, tongue or lips can be categorized as oral sex. And like unprotected sex, unprotected oral sex can also lead to transmission of diseases and infections. Although not common, these infections and diseases include gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes, chlamydia, HPV and HIV.

Hence, it is advised to use safety measures while performing oral sex.

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How To Practice Safe Oral Sex

When indulging in oral sex on the penis, it is advised to use a condom. Though it will be an entirely different experience, maybe odd, however, thinking creative would help you solve the problem.

If you don’t like the taste of a condom, apply lubricants which could also be an eatable like icecream. This will assure both safety and pleasure.

When indulging in oral sex on the Vagina, or the anus, use a Dental dam. The best thing about using a dental dan is that it produces the same sensations that one would feel without a Dental dam on.

Moreover, if a dental dam isn’t available, cut open a cut into a square and apply it to the mouth.

Can Oral Sex Get You Pregnant?

For you to develop a baby bump, it is essential for the sperm to fuse with the semen to get in contact with the female egg. And although the semen does get in contact with the body or the inside of the mouth, but cannot reach the egg.

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Thus, one can enjoy oral sex without the fear of getting pregnant.

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