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‘If You Can Hold Your Breath For A Minute, You Don’t Have Coronavirus,’ Says Baba Ramdev

Known yoga guru, Baba Ramdev, claims that he has a short way of testing if someone is positive of coronavirus or not. Baba Ramdev claims that if you can hold your breath for a minute, you don’t have coronavirus. 

While the authenticity of the same is unknown, but that didn’t stop Baba Ramdev from making the claim. The yoga guru was speaking to Aaj Tak and made the claim only he knows best about. 

“There is a special pranayama for coronavirus. It is called Ujjai. In it you contract your throat, then pump in air with a noise, hold it for a while and then gradually release it,” he had said.

Source – India Times

He further added that people who have health issues like hypotension, diabetes or even the elderly can test by holding their breath up to 30 seconds. The young, however, need to hold their breath for 1 minute to test themselves.

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For those who are able to pull this feat off, “it means you do not have COVID-19, either symptomatic or asymptomatic” he said.  

Source – The New York Times

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He further added that if you put Mustard oil in your nostrils, cornavirus will flow down into your stomach and will be killed due to the acids present inside. Also, he asked people to practice yoga to boost their immunity that will help them fight the virus.

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