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If You Have This Medical Condition, You’re More Prone To Get Coronavirus

Scientists and doctors across the world are closely monitoring symptoms of coronavirus that help it become more deadly when it enters one’s body. And happens to be, hypertension is one of the many reasons that complement the survival of the virus in a host body.

Source – Hindustan Times

In simple words, hypertension means high blood pressure, which is a very common medical condition among people in India.

Source – DHC Of Utah

Though there are no facts in paper to prove a relation between hypertension and coronavirus, but doctors have noticed its presence in patients who have died due to cornavirus.

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A report by NDTV states that out of the 170 people that had died in January in Wuhan, as many as 50% of them showed signs of hypertension. And that’s enough proof to inspire you to think about your blood pressure woes.

Source – American Heart Association

“From what I was told by other doctors and the data I can see myself, among all the underlying diseases, hypertension is a key dangerous factor,” said Du Bin, director of the intensive care unit at Peking Union Medical College Hospital in an over the call interview with Bloomberg.

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“Though there is no research published on that yet, we believe hypertension could be an important factor in causing patients to deteriorate, leading to a bad prognosis,” he added.

Source – Foreign Policy

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As of now, China has made considerable efforts to plunge the number of new cases and the death toll in the country. Meanwhile, coronavirus infected cases in countries like Italy has risen to record numbers, killing over 1,000 people and forcing the authorities to lock down the country.

Amidst coronavirus spread in Europe, WHO has declared the continent as the epicenter of the Pandemic.

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