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This Girl Ordered 1K Googly Eyes And Put Them On Everything Her Bf Owns, And The Results Are Hilarious

Thanks mother Mary YouTube and YouTubers for overwhelming us with the idea of trolling our partners because first, it’s fun, and second, it ain’t going nowhere (surely not until I have tried one on my partner). Perhaps, it’s just getting better one prank at a time.

In one such crazy prank, a girl in Austria ordered as many as 1,000 pieces of googly eyes and spent four hours gluing 400 of them on her boyfriend’s stuff. The girl, simply known as “OJ,” posted the hilarious results to an app called Jodel.

Though these eyes could scare the shit out of anyone at night, they, on the other hand, look adorably cute during the day. Not like his boyfriend would say so, but he just got pranked. We can’t expect that reaction from him.

Anyways, have a look at the results.

Pulling out such pranks have become common among couples who even vlog about the same. So on YouTube and search for couple pranks and you will have a list of results with pranks across genres.

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