India’s Very Own Open Art Museum In Delhi; Lodhi Art District

Murals are life of streets and this is what makes Lodhi Art District a perfect spot for a fun walk on a pleasant day in Delhi. It doesn’t matter if you are an art junkie or not, you would fall in love with the streets there.

St+Art India Foundation, a non-profit organization has been working tirelessly to make street art popular in Delhi. They are working since 2015 and since then they have expanded to other cities of India.

They have partnered with CPWD, NDMC, RWA of Lodhi Colony, Swachh Bharat Mission and Asian Paints to make Lodhi Art District a success. They bring several local and international artists to make murals on the walls of Lodhi Colony.

Lodhi Colony is a government owned residential district of Central Delhi. Artists transform dull walls of these buildings into a walk in museum. Every year the residential district also hosts Lodhi Street Art Festival.

This is how slowly and steadily India’s first Open Art Museum was born in heart of Delhi.

Why Lodhi Colony?

Lodhi Colony always attracted artists for its symmetrical, unique and well-maintained facades. It is located in Central Delhi and can be reached via metro and other public transports. The area is filled with thousands of street and has a unique charm to it. If you will walk in the streets you will forget such a quaint place exists right in the middle of such a big city.

What To Expect In Lodhi Art District?

There are over 54 murals carefully painted by local and international artists. They not only represent art but they also talk about social and environmental issues. Art is a language and you will find yourself deep in its fantasy once you make a visit. The district is also full of small Cafes that cater food and coffee that you will definitely need after your walk. It is also one of the favorite spots for Instagram influencers and teens. People come to the district for shooting pictures and videos. The aesthetics of the art district will make you fall in love in a flick.

Let’s look at some of most favorite murals from Lodhi Art District from my visit.

‘Trans Lives Matter’ By Aravani Art Project

Instagram: @aravaniartproject

‘Ode To Femininity’ By Sajid Wajid Sheik

Instagram: @startindia

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Hope you will make a visit to Lodhi Art District soon and thank me!

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