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Kerala Couple, That Was Trolled For Their Offbeat Photoshoot, Have Something To Say To The Trollers

Pre-wedding photoshoots have become so common among couples and when things get common, people try to spice them with a pinch of creativity to ensure they stand out.

Something similar was tried by this couple from Kerala. The couple Rishi Karthikeyan and Lakshmi, who shared nuptial vows on 16th September, didn’t get a chance to have a big fat Indian wedding or a photoshoot.

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So post-wedding, the couple tried to compensate with a creative photoshoot.

However, sanskar got their way as people on the internet barged into their personal lives to troll and literally abuse them for their creative photoshoot.

When questioned about the photoshoot, Rishi told The News Minute that how he wanted to do things differently.

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“Most wedding shoots are cliched, where the bride and the groom, wearing traditional veshti and saree, hold hands and walk around the temple. We wanted to do something different and decided to do a post-wedding shoot,” says Rishi.

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When asked about the trolls, Rishi had only one thing to say to them – ‘Our wish, our photos’. 

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“Both of us were very much clothed throughout the shoot. It is impossible to not be clothed as we were shooting outdoors, in a rather public place in Vagamon. That the photographer was able to capture aesthetic shots of us, is purely his creativity and camera skills. However, most users, especially on Facebook, began moral policing me and my wife over the nature of the pictures,” says Rishi.

Speaking to TNM, Lakshmi said “I am somebody who wears off shoulder clothes and shorts. Showing my neck or legs does not qualify as nudity. But I was hit with a storm of horrible comments when the pictures were posted on Facebook. Initially we responded to some of the comments, but then the pictures went viral and it was overwhelming to have to respond to trolls. So we decided to ignore it.”

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The couple added that they initially tried to react to trolls but as they realised that they can’t change each and everyone’s mentality and penchant for moral policing, they quit.

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