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People Share Chilling Videos As Locust Swarms Enters Gurugram, Next Stop Delhi?

The worst locust invasion in decades has hit India in 2020, well of course. First originated in the deserts of countries like Iran and Pakistan, Locusts over the past few weeks had entered India in large numbers and continue to wreak havoc to crops and farmers’ livelihood.

After being tracked in the outskirts of Jhansi district, Rana Heda village near Panbihar in Ujjain district and most recently Jaipur, the swarm has now reached Gurugram in Haryana, next to India’s capital New Delhi.

As locust made an unwanted invasion, people took on Twitter to share pictures of and videos of the same and visuals are scary. Have a look:

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As most of the people in the urban areas have plants installed on their home’s balconies, locusts, often stop by to feed on them and thus cover the balcony too allowing us chilling visuals.

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Gurugram authorities have issued an advisory asking people to keep their windows and doors closed. The advisory also advises them to make loud noises by beating utensils and dhol to stop the insects from settling at a place.

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Next stop Delhi? Most probably.

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