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Unbelievable: This Farmer From UP Managed To Grow An Apple Farm In Prayagraj’s Scorching Summer, Here’s How

For apples to grow, the right temperature is the key. And with the right temperature I mean the chills of winters throughout the year. Thus. apples are ofter grown in states like Himachal Pradesh and Kashmir including in cities like Shimla.

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However, a farmer in UP, the state that observes temperature of up to 48-degree celsius managed to grow apples in Prayagraj. The farmer named Rudra Pratap has an orchard located in Rampur village in Prayagraj, which has 35 apple trees bearing apples for the first time.

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Rudra Pratap said that he decided to have an apple orchard about five years ago when he inherited some land in the village.

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“I wanted to build a house here and have an apple orchard next to it. However, when I discussed it with others, including my father, Keshav Bahadur Singh, a seasoned farmer, everyone made fun of me. They said that it was impossible to grow apples in this climate because the fruit needs a cold climate,” he said.

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However, when Rudra was working in Mumbai, he met a farmer from Shimla who gave him some valuable tips on how to grow apple trees.

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“Three years ago, I got 200 apple tree saplings of Hariman-99 variety and planted them on my farmland but they failed to flourish and the trees wilted away. I did not give up and took the advice of an apple grower from Kashmir. We decided to cross breed by grafting with an apple variety called ‘Anna’. “This clicked instantly and the grafts flourished within a year,” he said.

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The next step was to protect the apple tree from harsh weather and pests for which he made some amendments.

“To protect the trees from moths, mites and other pests, I spray a safe pesticide procured from the local Jari market once a month. I irrigate the trees once every three days to ensure that they have adequate water and humidity using a submersible pump. To protect the trees from the hot winds that blow during summers, I have planted banana trees all around the orchard and it seems to be working perfectly.”

Source – DNA India

Meanwhile, Krishna Mohan Chaudhary, chief horticulturist at the Horticultural Experiment and Training Centre in Kushrubagh, said, “Rudra Pratap’s efforts are praiseworthy.

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However, he waits to taste the apples as they would be judged on the basis of the sweetness and taste and whether they match the taste of the ones grown in places like Kashmir and Shimla.

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