Lund University, One Of World’s Top 100 Universities, Says It Is Fed Of Indians, Here’s Why

Lund University in Sweden, officially among the world’s top 100 Universities recently said that it is fed up of deleting defaming comments on its page, especially by Indians.

The Facebook page of Lund University in Sweden recently released a statement that their university is “rediscovered” by students in certain countries who spread it to their friends.

Source – Lund University

In the statement, it said that they are aware that Lund entertains different meanings in different languages but that doesn’t mean one has to poke fun at its official Univesity page.

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“We are well aware that our name is entertaining to you and with thousands of languages in the world, there will of course always be words that sound funny in another language,” Lund University said.

Actually, Lund is the name of a Sweden town and the name of the University is after the town name. The word “lund” means “green area” and is pronounced quite differently in Swedish. It is pronounced as ‘lu(u)nd’ in Swedish.

“The university name comes from the name of the city and the Swedish name is ‘Lunds universitet’. This is an international research university founded in 1666 and ranked among the world’s top 100 universities,” the statement said.

Source – Lund University

The University said that it is dedicated to answering queries of many students from across the world but then there are some who post un-relevant things making it difficult for the University to manage the page.

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“If you are not a prospective student, we would appreciate if you could write your comments directly to your friends and not on our page. As admins of the page, we need to spend hours deleting hundreds of comments to keep the page manageable, relevant and available for serious students questions. Thank you,” the university added.

Source – EHEF

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Many people came out to share how bad it is to defame a prestigious University like this and such practices must not be entertained.

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