Now Test Lung Cancer At Home Through This Finger Clubbing Test

An organization named ‘Cancer Research UK’ claimed that early signs of lung cancer can be recognized with a simple finger test. A person can test lung cancer at home through a finger clubbing test. It helps in detecting the symptoms of lung cancer.

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As per Cancer Research UK, excessive softness or swelling in the fingers and nails can be a danger sign in the finger clubbing test. It tells a lot about your health. Particularly, it detects heart or lung diseases, such as mesothelioma or cancer. As per the report, nearly 35 per cent of people with non-small cell lung cancer have experienced it.

The organization also claimed that it is also found in people suffering from ulcerative colitis and thyroid. The report also explains the process you need to follow to perform this window gap test.

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How To Test Lung Cancer At Home?

If you want to perform the Finger Clubbing Test at home, simply connect the thumb of one hand and the index finger of the other hand from the side of the nail to you. Connecting the thumb and finger, you will see the shape of a diamond in the middle. If you do not get the shape of the diamond, then the matter could be serious and you should immediately consult the doctor.

However, the report says that clubbing may take a few years to develop. A post at the official website of Cancer Research UK says, ‘Finger clubbing is uncommon. If you are seeing this problem, then do not delay in contacting the doctor at all. The doctor may recommend a chest X-ray to check your lungs or heart.’

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