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Watch: Man’s Bike Catches Fire Instantly After Getting Sprayed With Disinfectant In A Scary Video

Disinfecting is becoming the new normal to keep coronavirus at bay. If you will wander around cities that have reported coronavirus cases, you will see points where vehicles are being disinfected so they don’t bring the virus in or take it out from the city.

However, in a horrific incident, recently a motorbike caught fire after it was sprayed with disinfectant. The video hails from Ahmedabad, Gujarat where the vehicle caught fire after an alcohol-based disinfectant was sprayed on it.

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As the bike moves forward, it instantly bursts into flames and almost latches on to the rider himself, who promptly drops the bike and gets away from it.

Officials said that the bike caught fire because it was in the running state and the spray reacted with the exhaust instantly on being sprayed. The heat of the engine and the peak summer temperature outside might have also triggered the fire.

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What’s more alarming is that a fire extinguisher wasn’t able to douse off the fire. A guard in the video can be seen pouring water on the bike after his attempt to dose off the same using a fire extinguisher went in vain for it must have been empty or something.

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Ahmedabad is currently the most affected city in Gujarat with the most number of coronavirus cases. Thus disinfecting of such kind is necessary. However, after this incident, people must be careful enough when they get their vehicle sanitised.

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