Missing Salon-Like Pampering? Here’s How You Can Get A Pedicure At Home In 12 Simple Steps

Yes, we are in lockdown but that doesn’t mean your body doesn’t need pampering. Self-care is the best you can do while being quarantined irrespective of your gender. However, this is slightly for the ladies in town who love to pamper their toes.

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So in today’s DIY article, we would list down some easy steps you can follow to do pedicure at your home. And thanks to the internet for helping us come up with this cool pedicure DIY that will give a salon-like finish to your toes.

Source – Thought Catalog

With that being said, here are the steps that you can follow to do the same:
  • If you have your nail polish on, we would recommend to remove it before you start with the pedicure. Also, try to remove the hair from your toes. 
  • Then dip your feet in lukewarm water mixed with either salt or body wash. 
  • This will help the dead skin cells soften. Then you can use oil and salt for scrubbing. 
  • For soft cuticles, rub lemon on the nails in order to lighten them.
  • Then you need to clean your nails using the sharp end of the nail filer.
  • Make sure you cut the nails before the process. 
  • Use a nail buffer or filer to bring them to shape.
  • Then apply oil on your feet and wrap it with plastic foil and wear a sock over it. 
  • After some time, remove the sock and plastic and wipe the moisture
  • Make sure oil is removed from the nails as well.
  • After that, apply nail polish. Make sure you put two coats for a shiny texture. 
  • Your toes now are well in shape and gorgeous than ever before. 
Photo By – Juja Han

Here is a video you can take help from:

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Do share your home pedicure experience with us.

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