Mysterious ‘Sonic Boom’ Leaves People Of Bengaluru Guessing As Netizens Have Got Some New Meme Content

2020 has been so far a ‘living on the edge’ kind of a year for humanity. Forest fires, pandemic, almost a world war like aggression, gas leak and now a super cyclone. Well, that was not enough so earthquake also joined in. Now, on Wednesday afternoon in Bengaluru, the residents were hit by another mystery.

Sounds of ‘sonic boom’ were heard from the sky around 1:20 P.M. yesterday. The clueless residents took to social media to share their experience with #bangalore. And the internet was left with guessing. From ‘Jaadu’ to UFO netizens put all their sci-fi knowledge as an answer.

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However, these sounds were not new for Bengaluru as these have been heard in the past (in 2018) the prevailing conditions led to the thought process. The curtains of mystery fell off when the Ministry of Defence made a tweet late in the day. The sonic boom was due to the routine IAF (Indian Airforce) Test Flight involving a supersonic aircraft. The IAF earlier said that the ASTE (Aircraft and Systems Testing Establishment) and HAL (Hindustan Aeronautics Limited) could be conducting routine test flying. However, things were not made official.

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Thus, HAL was the first one to respond when the mystery thing got brewing on social media. What the event give for sure was some meme content and here is a proof of that:

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