New Telegram Update Will Allow No Sim Signups Using Blockchain

Telegram is trusting Blockchain technology once more to introduce a new update. Previously, the platform held an auction for its users to purchase rare or unique usernames on the new platform based on Ton Blockchain.

New Telegram Update Will Allow No Sim Signups Using Blockchain

Telegram Introduced No Sim Signups Using Blockchain

So, until now Telegram users can register with their numbers to log in to the platform. But this process is going away or advancing a little bit. Telegram is making it possible by allowing users to buy anonymous blockchain-powered numbers on the Fragment Platform with the latest update. Now, if users choose not to reveal their phone numbers while creating a new account, then they can opt to purchase an anonymous number on the Fragment Platform. Account holders will receive verification codes from Fragment on this anonymous number and Telegram will allow them to continue availing of messaging benefits.

Price Variations In Fragment Numbers

For rare usernames, Telegram is auctioning the anonymous numbers through the Fragment platform, with the minimum bids being elevated as high as 31,500 Ton Coins, or $57,600 approx. for the Vanity numbers. But if a user purchases a random number or non-sequential, then the bid can be as low as 9 Ton Coins, or $16 only, which can be said as an affordable priced additional privacy service.

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Tons Of Additional Features on Telegram With Auto-Delete Chats

In addition to No sim signup update, Telegram has also introduced:

  • An auto-delete chat feature that allows users to delete chats with a timer.
  • Topics function in groups with over 200 members.
  • An automatic spam filtering function.
  • Sharing Telegram profiles with temporarily generated QR code, and search option for emojis on ios.

Moreover, Telegram had also made available for users to access detailed info about used storage stats with the latest update along with customized and interactive emojis.

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