Watch: New Zealand Govt. Releases Ad Starring Porn Stars To Teach Children About Sex, Consent & Real Relationships

New Zealand government is back in the news for another wonderful reason days after making it to the news for putting up a great fight against COVID-19.

For the unknown, New Zealand had recently declared that there were no more cases of coronavirus in the country until yesterday when it reported a few.

However, nothing that New Zealand wouldn’t be able to tackle so they shifted their foucs to teaching children about sex education. The government has released an online safety ad campaign to get parents and children to talk to each other about pornography, NZ Herald reports.

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The video that the government has shared aims to teach children about the difference between the relationship that they see in pornographic films and real-life relationships and also the need to ask for consent.

The ad starts with a mother named Sandra opening the door to find two naked porn stars named Sue and Derek, standing on her front porch. The adult actors than reveals to the lady that her child has been watching them ‘perform’ despite the fact that they make content for adults and not kids.

Talking to the confused mom Sue says, “He might not know how real relationships actually work. We don’t even talk about consent, do we? We just get straight to it.”

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Agreeing with Sue, Derek Says, “No, and I’d never act like that in real life.” The Child then appears in the scene and is left awestruck to watch the stars in front of him.

Then, Sandra, his mother, calmly addresses the issue by saying, “Alright Matty, it sounds like it’s time to have a talk about the difference between what you see online, and real-life relationships. No judgment!”

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The details of the campaign on the government website says that “It’s normal for young people to be curious about sex. The best way to support them is to have open, honest conversations about what they might see and how it’s different from real sex and relationships”.

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