Now You Can Airlift Your Pets From Delhi to Mumbai In A Private Jet Costing 1.6 Lakh Per Seat

Why only humans have all the fun?

As the lockdown was imposed, many people sought to return to the safety of their homes. And among the stranded ones are not only humans but also pets who were left behind and missing their owners.

In a relief to such pets and their owners, a private plane has been chartered by an entrepreneur to take the pets to their owners.

Source – Business Insider

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The idea has been brainstormed by cybersecurity researcher and entrepreneur Deepika Singh. She said she was trying to arrange a private flight for her relatives to travel from Delhi to Mumbai. However, many of them denied traveling with their pets. It was then she thought why not arrange a completely separate flight for these creatures.

Source – Robb Report

Hence, she got in touch with a private jet aggregator for a six-seater aircraft, which would be exclusively for pets. The cost of each seat is INR 1.6 lakh, whereas the cost of the entire plane is INR 9.06 lakh.

Source – The New York Times

As of now, four people have signed up to transport their pets and bear whatever the cost is. The four animals to be flown back are – a Lady Pheasant Bird, one Golden Retriever, and two Shih Tzus.

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The animals would be travelling with one flight attendant. These animals will be transported just the way they are transported while travelling with humans, i.e., inside cages.

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